Elisa Celis
Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Science
Co-founder, Computation and Society Initiative
Alan Gerber
Charles C. & Dorathea S. Dilley Professor of Political Science,
Professor in the ISPS, of Economics, and of Public Health

Nisheeth Vishnoi
A. Bartlett Giamatti Professor of Computer Science
Co-founder, Computation and Society Initiative

Affiliated Faculty

Julia Adams
Margaret H. Marshall Professor of Sociology,
Head of College of Grace Hopper College

Jack Balkin
Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the
First Amendment at the Yale Law School,
Founder and Director of Yale’s Information Society  Project

Dirk Bergemann
Douglass and Marion Campbell Professor of Economics

Tristan Botelho
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at
School of Management

Jeff Brock
Zhao and Ji Professor of Mathematics,
Dean of Engineering and Applied Science

Claire Bowern 
Professor of Linguistics
Molly Crockett
Associate Professor of Psychology, Princeton University
Emily Erikson
Associate Professor of Sociology 
Michael Fischer 
Professor of Computer Science
Bob Frank 
Professor of Linguistics

Tamar Gendler
Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences,
Vincent J. Scully Professor of Philosophy,
Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science

Mark Gerstein
Albert L. Williams Professor of Biomedical Informatics, 
Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry,
of Computer Science, and of Statistics & Data Science

Soheil Ghili
Assistant Professor of Marketing at School of Management
Julian Jara-Ettinger
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Issa Kohler-Hausmann
Professor of Law and Associate Professor of Sociology

Balázs Kovács 
Assistant Professor of Organization Behavior at School of Management

Vineet Kumar
Assistant Professor of Marketing at School of Management

Tracey Meares
Walton Hale Hamilton Professor of Law
Founding Director of The Justice Collaboratory

Lisa Messeri
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Laurie Paul
Millstone Family Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Cognitive Science
Dragomir Radev
A Bartlett Giamatti Professor of Computer Science

Fiona M. Scott Morton
Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics at
School of Management
Founder and Director of the Thurman Arnold Project

Zhong Shao
Thomas L. Kempner Professor & Chair of Computer Science

K. Sudhir
James L. Frank ‘32 Professor of Private Enterprise and Management,
Professor of Marketing,
Director of the China India Insights Program

Zoltan Szabo
John S. Saden Professor of Philosophy and Linguistics

Emma Zang
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Affiliated Students

Vijay Keswani
Ph.D. Student, Department of Statistics and Data Science
Anay Mehrotra
Ph.D. Student, Department of Computer Science