A creative space where scientists from different disciplines work together to address the emerging questions that arise as algorithm and data-driven technologies permeate and alter various aspects of modern society.

This initiative is anchored in the intellectually rich and vibrant academic setting of Yale University and draws participants from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Yale School of Management, and the Yale Law School.


July 27, 2020
In a new paper published at ICML 2020, researchers affiliated with the CSI show how the max-entropy framework, a well-studied idea from statistical physics, leads to a new,...
November 16, 2019
Yale Professor Elisa Celis worked to create AI technology to better the world, only to find out that it has a problem. A big one. AI that is designed to serve all of us, in...
October 7, 2019
Social media changed after the 2016 presidential election. “I felt myself getting sucked into feedback loops where I would read something, I would feel outraged about it, [...